The Earth is Love from Mothers! Because..

The moment you learn the news your glow shows and appears amazing on you! (2 minute read) An istant bond is formed between you and your baby like no other that begun long before arrival-your baby! They even know your voice laugh and feel your happy-energy! You protect feed change clean wash and re-assure that the food isn’t too hot nor too cold! You already have amazing qualities and fantastic instincts to care for us because of the models of excellence and motherly love you’ve received from relatives had you been dreaming about this long ago. Their beautiful eyes follow you everywhere and baby-talk forms as you reply with baby-talk too! When we cry you know its time to be there for love attention and care! You set the mark and standards Miss Amazing and mother of the Earth on all corners of this planet! What would would do without the love care and attention that you provide us! You found a way to keep us warm, the lights on and shelter. Their though holidays, bithdays, and found the source and energy when you’re not well or when their is not enough to eat. You can always talk to them about anything without judgement. Everyday is Mother’s Day and I appreciate you for all you do! I’ll always love my Ma-ma! She’s my favorite girl! And you too! Perhaps it’s time to say why you love your mother too!


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