School Anxiety Happens because…

Anxiety of the unknown, (2 minute read) restlessness of wondering if prepared, and pressure of fitting in. All of which are real to children and adults even after a sucessful past. The excitement of transition takes an ugly turn and bringing them back to an amazing sense of calm can be achieved through your confidence and stress management skills! Remind them of last year’s anxiety and previous success stories, review each step of by making a checklist, take them out of their elements to open their imagination like a countryside (parks, lakes, mountians, beaches) if urban or to the city if from the country and share stories of heritage, values, importance of obtaining an education and success stories of family members! You are smart to say, “I challenge you to be first in… or follow the foot steps of a family member who is also making amazing success and achievements!” Be a positve listerner through silence from their to create fantastic dialogue. Because you are showing love and support it becomes key to encourage deep conversation and as a positive influencer you help build their confidence which is important for their outgrowth! I love you! One Love!


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