Your Smile is Infectious! Because…

It’s your trademark (two minute read) and part of your personality! You have a sense humor even through your smile!  Once you go into character mode people respond even without a word from you.  “What?” Is what they say and then they chuckle before a single word is delivered by you. It’s BECAUSE you are natural with your  engagement and adorable. At the stop light or when waiting on your office appointment you let the peek-a-boo game begin as it creates enormous and amazing energy as you stare pleasantly at your child then before they catch you, you turn your head quick enough for them to confidently know you were looking. Then on the last look you frighten then tickle. 

That super engaging mood elavates and provides positive attention!  Doesn’t cost a thing and shows you enjoy being in their company and it stimulates quality conversation for them and you! Amazing that you appreciate your blessing of having brought them into existance and are creating stories for them to tell their children’s children how you modeled excellence! I love you! One Love! 


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