You are well liked because…

YOU (one minute read) provide amazing positive energy that others appreciate through a few words of inclusion. People are marveled by your hero skills! You go hero! How did you do it? Your genuine energy of character and enthusiasm sparked and engaged others!

 New students or new co-workers and seasoned coworkers appreciate you for saying things like, “amazing to feel the sunshine,” “a blessing from above to have time together and share…” and naming exactly why you appreciate being in their surrounding. It took listening to their supportive, encouraging words and timing of delivery to achieve this amazing skill superhero! And now for inclusion to put you in the powerful fantastic and legendary postion! BECAUSE you said simply Who else… Who else enjoys a good movie, who else appreciates a good book, who else enjoy tasty treats, exercise, or walks in the park. Amazing engery is sparked because of you and you are well liked for your caring and kindness! I love you! One love!


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