A Mother’s Involvement & Investment

(2 minute read!) Truth be told is a child’s behavior at home may well be different at school. Respect, power of authority, and recognizing the alpha which could be any member of the family and or staff member.  What’s important when issues of acting out behavior arise is communication of all involved in their life of what works only as your focus.  Once support is shared observed and practiced rapidly due to present involvement, it allows the child to know you care as you close the gap of child-rearing. Surprisingly your children will appreciate that you are making time to ensure a healthy modeled investment logically and emotional therapeutic approach that affect them positively in the long run. Especially in situations of accomplishments like attending plays, and ball-games.videotogif_2017.06.04_06.43.25.gif

YOU now created an amazing path and pattern of engagement that their children’s children can follow too! So make an effort early, get involved comfortably with visits to daycares, camps, schools, and observe, ask questions pertaining to ways to strengthen discipline techniques with the importance of responsible behavior and opportunity of productive citizenship on your mind! I love you! One Love!


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