When A stubborn Child cries do they care?

Why yes! Not only do they care, you also have their attention too. WHAT you may see often through the tears are one or many feelings of confusion, frustration, anger, and even low-selfesteem! BUT more importantly you have a child’s attention and a they need a model of excellence to show love and high expectations of what’s right to do next time calmly because they also will have the skills to carry on to their child one day.  Be forgiving and specific and share what you appreciate out of them. 
Their is plenty of time later when they are in a happy mood to lecture and that’s  when you know they are respectful or not. It takes practice like much things to not scold them during  teachable times. Stories of times when you learned on your own after someone taught you something by being positve through encouragement is a perfect transition. I love you! One love!


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