Overcoming Hurt!

Tough on every level! At work, school, friendships, relationships, family, siblings and associates too for that matter. The pain however is how you view it in many cases. Let’s dive right in! Pain and hurt is felt great enough to distract your thinking and feelings to get in the way of daily functioning. Visable and more easily detected in children and hidden as they get older. You are right about how you feel! BUT.. How did the pain get there, purpose, or better, was their intentions meant for you to take to heart by lowering your head downward to draw emotions or simply a thought to mind and apply logic to rise your head instead?  Try it, forgive with empathy. Perhaps they mean well but struggle with self-expression. 

So, before reacting take with you a penny in your, “heart-bank” of emotions at a time and squeeze your abdomen as if to reach your diaphram for 5 seconds. This practice removes emotions instantly. Then become logical with a dime-deposit of  acceptance of what’s beyond their purpose may actually purchase patience. Tell them how you understand their best intentions with your head up. God bless!


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